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WATCH: ‘America’s Got Talent’ 2016: Teen Cancer Survivor Wins Simon Cowell’s Golden Buzzer!

WATCH: ‘America’s Got Talent’ 2016: Teen Cancer Survivor Wins Simon Cowell’s Golden Buzzer!
Calysta Bevier America’s Got Talent / YouTube


WATCH: ‘America’s Got Talent’ 2016: Teen Cancer Survivor Wins Simon Cowell’s Golden Buzzer!

If you have enough fight in you, there is nothing that cannot be achieved. Calysta Bevier proved this on the fourth week of auditions on “America’s Got Talent” 2016.

Calysta Bevier’s captivating performance earned her Simon Cowell’s Golden Buzzer!

‘America’s Got Talent’ 2016 Auditions

Calysta Bevier walked out with a nervous smile and an innocent spirit that radiated throughout the room. The judges felt it and so did the audience. Just sixteen years of age, Calysta said that her dream was to win “America’s Got Talent”.

The originality and uniqueness of this teenager were established from the very moment she replied, “I don’t compare myself to anyone,” crossing her legs in nervousness.

It was clear that Calysta had managed to grab Simon’s attention by her answer. Simon looked intrigued by her presence even before she had started to sing.

“That’s good,” said Howie, “As Simon always says, he looks for somebody who is original, somebody who… we can hear something we have never heard before.”

The sad truth was revealed when Howie compared Calysta’s appearance, with her short, curly hair, to a mini-version of Audrey Hepburn. “Thank you”, replied Calysta, “The hair wasn’t really my choice, umm, I’m a survivor of stage 3 ovarian cancer.”

This information was both shocking and awe-inspiring, showing how far she can come in life.

The song that Calysta Bevier decided to sing was “Fight Song” by Rachel Platten, which couldn’t be more fitting, given her past battle in life. Calysta made the song her own, toning down the pep and turning up the emotions, reports Zap2It. She received a roaring applause at the end of her performance and a standing ovation from the judges.

‘America’s Got Talent’ 2016 Judges

Calysta received great comments from the judges, all of whom praised her talent, reports Zeibiz. “You do have a beautiful voice. You’re just 16 and you are incredible,” said Heidi. “It was amazing. Tour tone and the notes was on point,” said Mel B.

“You’ve gone through an obstacle far greater that anybody older than you could even imagine going through. And you sing that song, your fight song. That was emotional and heartfelt, it was inspirational,” said Howie.

At last came time for Simon’s comments. “I love everything about you. I just have this feeling when you walk in. Just your spirit, your song choice, your voice… I think you are something special. I predict something great gonna happen for you,” said Simon.

Simon then proceeded to do something that he had been saving for that very moment – he reached out and pressed the golden buzzer!

Watch the inspirational journey and performance of Calysta Bevier that helps her snatch Simon’s Golden Buzzer!


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