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Watch: American Woman Insults Mexican Mother In Front Of Kid

Watch: American Woman Insults Mexican Mother In Front Of Kid
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Watch: American Woman Insults Mexican Mother In Front Of Kid

It’s not a good time to be a colored woman in America and this woman’s deeply insensitive words are evidence enough to prove it.

Unaware of the fact that she was being filmed, this American woman decided to shower a Mexican mother of a 6-year old boy, called Yolanda Flores, with all the stereotypical racist remarks in the book.

The confrontation went down in a parking lot, outside Mesa County Health Department. Yolanda Flores had taken her son there and mistakenly left her dog in the car, with the windows down.

This enraged a woman wearing shades, as seen in the video released by Mic. She must have tried to communicate her displeasure to Yolanda, who still faces difficulty speaking English fluently.

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Racism In America

The white-skinned woman is seen screaming “speak English b***h, it’s America” as she snapped her fingers close to Yolanda, who was at the receiving end of her hate comments.

Next, she pointed to her own fair skin and said, “you’re the ones that give brown people a bad name”. Nothing was heard from the person the words were being spoken to. Hence, it can be assumed that Yolanda, the victim of this racist act, was too shocked to reply.

The woman did not stop there. She then says that people like her should get a job if they want things for free in America, as she spoke to Yolanda’s race in general.

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The racist woman finished off with “Down with Mexicans, who don’t learn the language of the world!” leaving Yolanda’s young son in a fit of tears. The scared boy begged his mother to take him home.

Unfortunate as it may be, people like Yolanda Flores, who have lived in America in a legal capacity, for years now, have to go through a similar ordeal on a daily basis, despite Americans spending more than 7 years under an Afro-American President.

People on social media have risen up on the occasion and expressed their heartfelt support for Yolanda. “I’d like to apologize to Ms. Flores and her son, on behalf of all non-racist, decent Americans. I am so sorry you got verbally assaulted by this woman. I am sad,” wrote a user.

Check out the video below.

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