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Watch: 8-Year-Old Skate Prodigy Does Amazing Stunts

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Watch: 8-Year-Old Skate Prodigy Does Amazing Stunts

Meet Sky and her brother Ocean of the AWSMKIDS. These kiddos look young and playful, but they can make skating stunts that will surprise you.

At 8, Sky is the youngest ever to compete in the Vans U.S. Open Pro Series last Summer. She was dubbed “pint-size skate prodigy.”

Hailed from Miyazaki, Japan, Sky and her brother had been skating at an early age. Sky started when she was 3. Her brother, 5, had been skating and watching her compete.  Soon enough, he would be competing too like Sky.

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Sky and Ocean’s mom had been documenting and sharing their skating journey. Their mom manages both their Instagram and YouTube account. You can watch and download their amazing videos and impressive stunts.

In one of their Instagram posts, Sky’s mom captured a special moment that reflected her daughter’s youthfulness and enthusiasm.

She said in the post: “Sky as she just arrives at Venice beach Skatepark, unable to contain her excitement.. People that know Sky understand how excited she gets but no one ever captures it as well as @hellochristinrose.. As small and young as she is. Her passion and love for skateboarding is huge. And size, gender or ability just don’t matter .. You love what you love… It’s not about contests, winning or how many tricks you can do, it’s about having FUN.. The rest just follows.. Skating is their for everyone.. Just wanted to Shoutout to @baetriarchy that front rock was soo sick and we loved the steez and @thrashermag were SO RIGHT to post it.. Who’s cares about the peanut gallery anyway. We Skate.. Be kind, Stay humble and Smile OFTEN!!!!

Indeed, no one is too young or too old to pursue a dream. Follow your heart!

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