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Watch: 100 Women Strip Naked At Republican National Convention

Watch: 100 Women Strip Naked At Republican National Convention
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Watch: 100 Women Strip Naked At Republican National Convention

It is an action against the Republican party rhetoric, done completely naked, and through art. One hundred women came together, took off their clothes, and held onto to large mirror discs to relay a pressing a statement to the GOP.

When artist Spencer Tunick sent out a call to women in the U.S. to be become part of his latest mass group nude art installation, as much as 1,800 of them responded. They were ready to “bare all in this heightened arena of politics and protests,” according to Tunick.

The location was kept a secret until the last minute. In the end, he could only choose 100 participants, as the space he had chosen could not accommodate every woman who wanted to join.

Women gathered as a group and started undressing themselves. Some felt a little shy. Others expressed disbelief that they are stripping in public. Nonetheless, all were more than happy to become part of the exhibit. Soon, as they had shed off their clothes, they made their way towards Tunick holding a large mirror disc. At Tunick’s instructions, they raised their mirrors up, covering their faces.

According to Tunick, the women holding up the large mirror discs reflected the “knowledge and wisdom of progressive women.” At the same time, women are also a reflection and embodiment of nature, and that together, they can protest against the “hateful repressive rhetoric” the Republican party has been spreading.

Trump and Pence are giving many in America the belief that is OK to hate,” said Tunick. He also said that women are determined to see change happen.

One woman who participated in the art installation said, “I want to stand up against Trump and other Republicans whose hateful speech towards women, immigrants, lgbt people, and all ‘others’ is poisoning this nation.”

As for any similar future art installations, it is unclear what Tunick plans next. Nonetheless, he couldn’t help but imagine the impact it would have if he managed to invite all 1,800 women.

“1800 women would have shown up naked in front on the steps of the convention to make art with what may be the most controversial subject in this presidential race, a woman’s body,” he remarked.


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