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Warriors Celebrate Victory With $12k Giant Champagne Bottle

Warriors Celebrate Victory With $12k Giant Champagne Bottle
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Warriors Celebrate Victory With $12k Giant Champagne Bottle

The game 6 in which Golden State Warriors wrapped up the NBA final series 4-2 occurred in Cleveland on Tuesday. So the Warriors couldn’t celebrate their victory in their own bay area in front of thousands of fans.

The Larry O’Brien Trophy the Warriors received at the Quickens Loans Arena will be first showcased in Oakland in a parade tomorrow. But the Warriors did celebrate within Cavs’ visitors locker room, popping bottles of champagne and showering each other with it on Tuesday night.

The man who scored a triple-double in the NBA Championship decider deserved to do it and did it in grand style. So it was Draymond Green along with David Lee and Festus Ezeli who decided to repeat the show once they arrived at east bay on Wednesday night.

This time the trio went for more glory, magnifying their quantum of celebrations and the bottles as well. A massive 15-liter “Nebuchadnezzar” bottle of Luc Belaire champagne was popped to spark off the celebrations.

The bottle weighed 50 pounds and “is often listed on nightclub menus for upward of $10,000 to $12,000,” according to Luc Belaire’s spokesman. The same bottle that made the New England Patriot’s dance wildly last Sunday.

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