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Warren Buffett Teaches Kids Business

Warren Buffett Teaches Kids Business
Picture from Warren Buffett / Secret Millionaires Club website


Warren Buffett Teaches Kids Business

You heard it right. Warren Buffett has gone to television to teach children (more than) a thing or two about business, MarketWatch reports. After all, they are the future of the economy. Warren Buffett may be a billionaire in real life (Forbes estimates his worth at $68.8 billion), but in this animated television show, he is a an integral member of the “Secret Millionaires Club.”

According to its website, the “Secret Millionaires Club” is where Warren mentors a fun group of entrepreneurial kids as they encounter various business problems typical among entrepreneurs. He guides them through the mechanics of arriving at a sound financial decision and even gives tips on how to successfully start a business. And all these lessons are taught gradually in a span of 26 webisodes.

Take the first “Secret Millionaires Club” webisode, for instance. Entitled “Lemons to Lemonade,” the webisode emphasizes the importance of finding a strategic location to sell your product, even if you just have a simple lemonade stand.

The Milford Daily News reports that Warren Buffett lends both voice and script here. Currently, these webisodes can be watched online or on the HUB cable network.

The “Secret Millionaires Club” is a product of Genius Brands International. At the helm of the company is CEO Andrew “Andy” Heyward. According to their website, Andy is an Emmy-winning producer credited for over 5,000 episodes of children’s entertainment to date. This includes Ghostbusters, Hello Kitty, G.I. Joe, Super Mario Brothers, Inspector Gadget, Alvin & the Chipmunks, Sabrina the Teenage Witch, Sonic the Hedgehog, the Archies and Captain Planet. And although he refuses to disclose the cost of producing the “Secret Millionaires Club,” he tells MarketWatch that its cost has gone somewhere above $5 million since it started.

There is no worry, though, as Andy states the show is profitable. Moreover, MarketWatch further reports that Warren Buffett actually does not collect any earnings from the show. He continues to be very involved with the “Secret Millionaires Club” and has even been joined by co-billionaire Bill Gates in one webisode.

Beyond webisodes, Warren Buffett has also been busy with the Secret Millionaires Club Grown Your Own Business Challenge. According to its press release, the contest is open to all children ages seven to 14. Here, teams present innovative business ideas to Mr. Buffett and a panel of esteemed judges including Andy Heyward for a chance to win $5,000.

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