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Warning To Parents: Bug Juice Recalled Due To Plastic & Metal Shavings

Warning To Parents: Bug Juice Recalled Due To Plastic & Metal Shavings
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Warning To Parents: Bug Juice Recalled Due To Plastic & Metal Shavings

Bug Juice, the maker of a popular children’s juice varieties has issued a recall order for a specific batch of juice drinks that are possibly contaminated with plastic or metal shavings.

Bug Juice International Inc. issued the voluntary recall order after an audit of the third-party packing firm for the company reveals that a deviation on the packaging procedure has been made. The Bug Juice clarified that they don’t own the third-party packaging company that they commissioned for the re-packaging of their products.

In an official statement acquired by the News Net 5, the company did not disclose the name of the third-party facility that co-packs Bug Juice’s products. The specific batch of juice products feared to be contaminated with plastic or metal shavings includes with Case Codes that end in C and Bottle Code ending in OBC. Example Case Codes 6076C and Bottle Code 6076OBC.

The company, however, was quick to clarify that there have been no recorded cases of incidents directly related to the feared contamination. It added that other than the mentioned products with the Case Codes and Bottle Codes, all Bug Juice products remain safe for consumption. The juice company is now closely working with the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to expedite the recall.

There have been a total of 46, 406 cases of recalled juice, which are now being distributed or have reached the shelves in local groceries across the country. These products were produced and distributed nationally starting February this year.

“This recall is being initiated out of an abundance of caution due to the possible contamination of the affected product discovered by the co packer during a regular audit. Bug Juice [sic] is working closely with the co-packer and the FDA to expedite the removal of products from commerce,” the recall advisory read.

The company has since advised all its consumers to throw all products from the recalled batch and should immediately contact the company at 810-225-3200 for any information and queries about the recall during office hours.

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