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‘Warm Bodies 2’ Movie: Nicholas Hoult Wants It To Happen

‘Warm Bodies 2’ Movie: Nicholas Hoult Wants It To Happen
Jereco Paloma / Morning News USA


‘Warm Bodies 2’ Movie: Nicholas Hoult Wants It To Happen

Rumors of “Warm Bodies 2” with the official title “The Living” are building up, as X-men: Apocalypse star Nicholas Hoult expressed willingness to accept the lead role if offered to him.

During the last of the three-day AsiaPop Comicon Manila 2016, held at the SMX Convention Center in Pasay City, the Philippines, over the weekend, Hoult said that he’s open to the possibility of returning for the sequel of Warm Bodies, titled “The Living.” Hoult played the lead in the 2013 prequel, which became one of Hoult’s defining roles.

Warm Bodies 2 Role

“First of all, yeah, I know about the book, but I haven’t read it yet, but I heard it’s really incredible. So yes, if there’s a potential to make that into a movie, then I’m willing to take it again,” Hoult told the crowd on Sunday.

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After the success of Warm Bodies, the clamor for a second part is rising. This pressured Isaac Marion, the author of the book, to immediately start with the sequel. It took Marion a good two years to finally finish the book on July 15. Marion even tweeted that the book “almost killed” him.

‘The Living’ is Weird

In his blog, Marion explained some of the highlights of book 3, the sequel of the book the first film is based on. First, Marion said it’s weird as far as content goes. It’s also weird as to how it functions as a sequel.

“Warm Bodies was essentially about one person’s struggle with himself; the sequel is about several people’s struggles with themselves, each other, and the wider world and all its broken systems (cultural, political, cosmic). So I always knew it was going to be a bigger book, but now that I stand back and look at it…wow, this is a lot bigger,” Marion wrote.

Warm Bodies grossed roughly $116 million worldwide when it was released in 2013.

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