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‘Warcraft’ Movie Latest News: Lead Actor ‘Sucks,’ Trailer & Release Date

‘Warcraft’ Movie Latest News: Lead Actor ‘Sucks,’ Trailer & Release Date
Warcraft Movie Trailer Warcraft Movie


‘Warcraft’ Movie Latest News: Lead Actor ‘Sucks,’ Trailer & Release Date

Barely a month before the much-anticipated release of the Warcraft movie in theaters in the U.S., excitement is building up among fans of the video game.

The movie, based on the popular video game World of Warcraft (WoW), received a lot of interest from avid followers. After all, the game had active players reaching to nearly 12 million when it peaked in 2010. So from the looks of it, the pressure to sell is intense.

But not everyone was happy with the trailer upon its release on December 2015. For those who are familiar with the game, it’s easy to distinguish the missing elements in the released trailer.

In fact, an article from Forbes shows that the trailer flopped in some aspects. Maybe because the game has some absurd aesthetics Hollywood couldn’t keep up with, hence the obvious discrepancies.

“The trailer pre-supposes that you both know who Thrall is, and do not think that Thrall as orc baby looks dumb. If you don’t already have an emotional connection with the Orcs and Humans of Azeroth, there’s nothing really for you here,” the article reads.

However, not everything about the trailer is off. The environments are inviting, and since the movie is composed of half-CGI, the non-human characters were perfectly blended in the movie.

Following the release of Captain America: Civil War and Disney’s Jungle Book last month, the pressure is on for this game-inspired adventure movie. Before the June 10 release in the U.S., the film will open two days before that in China, and much earlier in other countries, BBC News reported.

But does Travis Fimmel suck in the movie? According to the actor, in a Red Bulletin report, he had no idea what he was getting himself into when he signed on for the movie. “It is such a different way of acting, not talking to someone sometimes. You’re actually talking to air. It’s hard. I bloody suck at it.”

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