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War Rape: Powerful Man Believes Virgins Fortify Soldiers For Battle

War Rape: Powerful Man Believes Virgins Fortify Soldiers For Battle
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War Rape: Powerful Man Believes Virgins Fortify Soldiers For Battle

Beginning in 2013 in the small city of Kavumu in Congo, several reports of late night abductions targeting young girls became the talk of the town, which marked the beginning of a mysterious war against rape in this part of Africa.

Soon after, a few more girls were abducted and raped by still unidentified men. What’s peculiar about this case is the strange way the victims were abducted. An investigative report from The Guardian revealed that the family, with young and virgin girls, was mysteriously put to sleep by an unknown chemical.

The girls were taken from their families, who were also asleep because of the chemical material sprinkled in their house. The girls were taken from their family unconscious, the report noted.

At least 50 victims were identified, their ages range from 18 months to 11. They were raped helplessly by at least two groups of men, mostly four to five in each group. Since the first case was recorded, at least two girls have died due to injuries from the incident.

One girl spoke of the horror she experienced, saying there were many men who raped her. The girls suspect that there’s a certain powerful man behind the scheme using the girls as a ceremonial fortification for his men. The Guardian refused to name the “powerful man.”

Meanwhile, Newsweek reported Tuesday that Jean-Pierre Bemba, a powerful politician in the country, was recently convicted of masterminding rape and multiple murder cases. Could he be the “powerful man” behind these incidents?

The case to which Bemba was sentenced guilty of involved rapes in 2002-03. He was sentenced 18 years of imprisonment. In the report, one of the victims said she was raped when she was still a virgin in front of her father, who was at gunpoint and restrained by Bemba’s men.

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