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Wanda World Theme Park ‘Steals’ Captain America, Mickey & Minnie Mouse-Report

Wanda World Theme Park ‘Steals’ Captain America, Mickey & Minnie Mouse-Report
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Wanda World Theme Park ‘Steals’ Captain America, Mickey & Minnie Mouse-Report

They say piracy is the highest form of flattery, but when it involves infringement of Intellectual Property, then it’s another story. Take the case of the war of Disneyland Shanghai and China’s Wanda World Theme Park as an example.

China’s biggest homegrown theme park creator, Wanda Group seemed to have waged a serious war against its tight rival in the industry, Disneyland. But the competition between the two theme park giants is getting messier, with Wanda allegedly using Disney’s famous characters in its park, which could mean a potential violation of IPR, Fortune reported.

The apparent war between two theme parks in China is not only evident among industry observers, as Wanda Group itself openly acknowledges waging war against Disneyland, the ABC News reported.

This stern pronouncement was issued by Wanda’s founder Wang Jianlin himself during the park’s opening ceremony this week. He said that apart from making sure they will be hard on Disneyland, they’ll make it a point that they would highlight Chinese traditions and influence to make a statement in the industry.

Wang warned against foreign “invasion,” which is committed by introducing foreign-inspired theme parks into the Chinese market. The $4.7 billion investment by Wanda Group eyes to make Disneyland lose money for decades while in Shanghai, the founder added.

“This craze for Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck is over, the period when we would blindly follow where Disney led has been gone for years. We want to ensure that Disney will not be able to make a profit in this (theme park) sector in China for between 10 and 20 years,” Wang was quoted as saying by ABC News.

But inconsistent with its thrust of getting rid of the Western influence on the local theme park scene, Wanda is getting flanked online after familiar American fantasy figures such as Captain America and Disney’s own Mickey Mouse were seen in Wanda’s first recently opened park in Nanchang. The park is an eight-hour drive outside Shanghai where Disneyland is located, the same report from Fortune showed.

Wanda eyes to build at least 15 theme parks across China by 2020.

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