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Japanese Scientists Develop Artificial Skin

Japanese Scientists Develop Artificial Skin
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Japanese Scientists Develop Artificial Skin

If you think the medical field has advanced too far that it nears the level of crazy, wait until you read this new artificial skin a team of scientists are developing.

Although many researchers have attempted to produce artificial skin in the past, and the results seemed promising, the newest artificial skin developed by Japanese scientists are several notches higher. Unlike past attempts, the latest artificial skin possesses the same main features of an ordinary skin: hair follicle, oil and sweat glands.

Hair follicles, oil and sweat glands are the main features of the integumentary system of humans and other animals. Researchers from Japan’s RIKEN Center for Developmental Biology (CDB) have successfully developed an artificial skin using an innovative technology called the reprogrammed iPS cells.

According to the official press release from RIKEN, the researchers first grew the skin tissue from laboratory, complete with the vital parts of the skin. After which, the grown skin was then implanted to a laboratory mice.

To ensure that the skin functions effectively, the grown skin was attached to other complex systems of the mice including the nerves and its muscle fibers. It’s important that this procedure should be successful as it would determine whether the mice’s body would reject the artificial skin.

After the procedure, the researchers claimed that the artificial skin successfully connected with and attached to the nerves and muscle fibers of the mice. Meaning the skin can receive and transmit neural messages to and from the brain and function like normal skin.

This monumental development in the field of dermatological research was seen to change the entire world of dermatology, especially in treating severe burns and patients who need skin replacement. The new procedure would also be useful in the field of cosmetic dermatology and surgery, among others.

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