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Walmart Distrbutes Xbox One Titanfall Bundle for Just $450

Walmart Distrbutes Xbox One Titanfall Bundle for Just $450


Walmart Distrbutes Xbox One Titanfall Bundle for Just $450

Are you considering buying the Xbox One Titanfall Console Bundle? If you want to purchase it at a significant discount, you should prefer making the purchase transaction through Walmart. The retailer’s online store has marked down the bundle’s tag price by $50.

That means you could possibly buy your Xbox One Titanfall Console Bundle for just $450 through The package usually sells at $500 with a $60 cost for the game. Thus, Walmart’s offer can be considered as a pretty sweet deal.

However, it is not yet clear whether this price offer would be effective permanently or if it is only temporary. Walmart has not yet released any advise on when the marked down offer would last. Thus, consumers are advised to hurry and take advantage of this offer while supplies last.

Walmart’s amazing Titanfall offer

Many are unaware that Walmart is currently selling the bundle at a discount. When you go to, you would not actually see any announcement about the discounted price tag for Xbox One TItanfall. But you would determine its marked down cost when you add the bundle to the cart. Upon checking out, you would see that the final price for the package is just $449.96.

As mentioned, the original tag price of the bundle is $500. The package contains not just the Xbox One console. Some of the important accessories and offers include the revolutionary Kinect Sensor, a chat headset, a wireless controller, and a game download card for Titanfall game.

What’s more? The Xbox One Titanfall Console Bundle also comes with a 12-month subscription or membership to Xbox Live Gold. This makes this package a really good buy for gamers who are reasonable and practical.

The anticipated video game 

Titanfall is touted as among the most anticipated games this year. It was just released last week following months of development and hype. The game is an online game that is gun-based. It uses so-called level progression system for expansion of weapons and skills as a player goes on.

Meanwhile, the console bundle sells at $500 elsewhere. It is not yet clear if standard shipment costs apply to Walmart’s outstanding offer. But anyone would surely agree that this offer is attractive enough especially to Xbox One enthusiasts who have been patiently and eagerly waiting for the release of the hyped Titanfall game console bundle. 

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