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Walmart Creates More Than A Shopping Day To Rival Amazon Prime Day

Walmart Creates More Than A Shopping Day To Rival Amazon Prime Day
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Walmart Creates More Than A Shopping Day To Rival Amazon Prime Day

As Amazon Prime Day shopping event draws near, it finds itself facing tough shopping competition in retail and online shopping giant Walmart. In fact, also beginning July 15, Walmart has announced that they will be doing a series of Rollback promos, making everyone’s shopping experience cheaper than ever.

As President and Chief Executive Officer Fernando Madeira writes in the Walmart Blog, “Our customers will see thousands of great deals on Rollback beginning this week along with some special atomic deals (more on that in the days to come).”

Walmart truly believes that “every day is low price day,” at least when it comes to their stores. And more importantly, Madeira believes you should not have to get a membership in order to be able to take advantage of great prices. They believe shopping privileges should be given to everyone and by everyone, Walmart means “you, your neighbor, your boss, your best friend … all of whom are looking for the best price on the things they want and need.”

Furthermore, they don’t like the idea of shoppers being asked to pay a premium just to be able to shop with discounted prices.

Madeira proclaims, “We’ve heard some retailers are charging $100 (Amazon Prime has a membership of $99 per year) to get access to a sale. But the idea of asking customers to pay extra in order to save money just doesn’t add up for us.” Moreover, he added, “We’re standing up for our customers and everyone else who sees no rhyme or reason for paying a premium to save.” That is why Walmart has decided to do a Rollback that will not just take place for one day, but every other day, beginning July 15.

According to Walmart, shoppers will see “thousands of great deals” put on Rollback starting this week. To make customer’s online shopping experience even better, Walmart will also be doing a rollback on its free shipping minimum order. During this period, customers who spend a minimum of $35 can already enjoy free shipping. Usually, Walmart offers its free shipping service for orders worth a minimum of $50.

Meanwhile, in its first quarter report for fiscal year 2016, Walmart has reported that it experienced an estimated 17% increase in its e-commerce sales globally.

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