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Walmart and Virgin Mobile Offer $20 Mobile Plans

Walmart and Virgin Mobile Offer $20 Mobile Plans


Walmart and Virgin Mobile Offer $20 Mobile Plans

Walmart and Virgin Mobile Offer $20 Mobile PlansThose who need to buy a new mobile phone despite observing a tight budget should take advantage of a limited offer. This weekend, Walmart is selling basic phones with subscription contracts of just $20 per month. The basic handsets to be provided would be given in collaboration with Virgin Mobile service.

Starting today, Saturday (June 21), consumers could start picking up Samsung Montage of Kyocera Kona at any of Walmart locations across the US. As mentioned, the phones come with subscription from the prepaid wireless carrier of Sprint.

There would be two ‘payLo’ plans that you can possibly choose from. The $20 plan could come with unlimited texting capabilities, complemented by 50 minutes of free voice calling plan. The other $20 plan offers unlimited talk plan, which offers unlimited calling services with free 50 text messages.

If you think the mobile plan would still not be useful, you may think again. Virgin Mobile is also offering Talk & Text plan worth just $30. The $40 plan would come with Unlimited Talk and even texting plan. Moreover, additional minutes would be charged $0.10. Meanwhile, you can enjoy $.10 per minute of calls and $0.15 per text message. Web access costs $1.50 per MB.

Analysis of market

According to Sprint Prepaid Group, he market for no-contract mobile services continue to grow, especially covering those who prefer to use smartphones. However, many customers think there is value in so-called unlimited subscription plans minus the added bells and whistles.

Thus, through this new offering, payLo would be provided to consumers for the best choices when it comes to basic wireless communications. The offer is expected to entice millions of customers.

Market information

According to research of Sprint, 18% of the market segment that uses smartphones comprises of senior citizens. About 8% are those aged 12 years old to 13 years old. Numerous consumers need devices and accompanying plans that allow them to affordably enjoy talking and texting through mobile. Not surprisingly, such services are big hits among younger teens or tweens as well as their parents.

As mentioned, this offer from Walmart and Virgin Mobile would initially last this weekend. Thus, you still have time to go to any location of the big-box retailer to get a hold of the low plans.

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