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Walmart and Target Launches Super Bowl Home Theater Promos

Walmart and Target Launches Super Bowl Home Theater Promos


Walmart and Target Launches Super Bowl Home Theater Promos

It is the season to look forward to the upcoming Super Bowl games. Logically, there is nothing more satisfying than watching your sports team in a new and improved home theater. Thus, it is not surprising that some retailers are unveiling promotions to entice consumers to buy new TV sets in time for the most popular sports events on television.

Walmart and Target are leading the pack by offering new TV sets for those who intend to upgrade their sports watching experiences. The two major retailers have rolled out their Super Bowl promotions in time for the big game.

Starting this week, the two retailers would offer hundreds of dollars in in-store and online savings. Those who would purchase fan-favorite electronic products would take advantage. Available from the retailers are HDTVs, modern speakers, and other accessories to make sports viewing at home more of a likely experience.

Consumers should hurry because the special promo would only last seven days. The Super Bowl promo would run just until Saturday, February 1. Each of the two retailers is offering its own saving opportunities for their customers.

Walmart’s offers

Walmart is rolling out special financing from six months to 24 months. It has included in its lineup from of the best deals for TVs as well as sound bars. Those include the Vizio LED HDTVs in various sizes from 40 inches to 60 inches. Prices range from close to $500 to around $800.

The retailer is also offering HDTVs from Samsung. The sizes range from 40 inches to 51 inches. Lastly, in the list are Element LED HDTVs, Emerson 50-inch LED HDTV, and Sanyo 42-inch LED HDTV.

Target’s offers

Target is offering best deals to REDCard members. Those would get additional 5% discount, as usual. Shoppers could save further by rolling out old electronics in exchange for a single Target gift card distributed through trade-in program called NextWorth.

During the week-long promo, Target would give away discounts in all sound bars, cables, mounts, and Blu-ray players. Its features deals are spearheaded by free $20 gift card upon purchase of the Samsung 32-inch LED HDTV. It also sells LED HDTVs from various brands like Magnavox, Philips, Samsung, and Element. It also has Vizio and Westinghouse HDTVs, giving it a wider array of selections when it comes to the popular electronics.

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