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‘Walking Dead’ Season 7 To Start ‘Brutally’ After Dark Season 6 Finale?

‘Walking Dead’ Season 7 To Start ‘Brutally’ After Dark Season 6 Finale?
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‘Walking Dead’ Season 7 To Start ‘Brutally’ After Dark Season 6 Finale?

“The Walking Dead” will start with a “brutal” and “damaging” episode. Even though there has been no official word yet regarding the character who died on the season 6 finale, one thing is for sure: “The Walking Dead” season 7 will start with a bang. Andrew Lincoln said so himself.

In an interview with Variety, Andrew Lincoln, the actor who portrays Rick Grimes in the AMC horror drama series, refused to provide details as to who died at the end of the sixth season.

“Because it’s too painful and too intense, we made a pact on set that we won’t speak about it,” he said. “I apologize but I can’t talk about it.”

When prodded to comment if such was agreed to be top secret, the 42-year-old actor said yes. He dished, “As a victim of our success, people are very keen to know what happens next. We’ll try our damndest [to keep it secret] because it’s such an important and powerful moment that changes the landscape of ‘The Walking Dead.’”

Considering the said scenario, he emphasized that “It would be a real shame if it got out.”

Meanwhile, the former “Love Actually” actor revealed that the new season will open in an unconventional manner.

“This is a brutally damaging, psychological and emotional battering to begin season 7, which is a huge writing task,” he said. “It’s an extraordinary call from Scott [Gimple]. I commend him.”

With how season 6 went, Lincoln said the team behind “The Walking Dead” is doing their best not to do something repetitive in season 7. Lincoln shared that the cast members would definitely find their roles more challenging, too.

In the meantime, showrunner Scott M. Gimple explained why the previous season closed with a cliffhanger to The Hollywood Reporter. “Where Rick winds up is completely different from where he started in [in episode 601] and where he started in [episode 609]. I know — and have for a while — what is in 701,” the showrunner said.

“To show what happened in full force is the beginning of the next story.”

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