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Voyager Golden Record Download: Music NASA Made For Aliens Now Available

Voyager Golden Record Download: Music NASA Made For Aliens Now Available
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Voyager Golden Record Download: Music NASA Made For Aliens Now Available

The Voyager Golden Record, which NASA originally recorded for extraterrestrial beings, is now being mass-produced for human ears.

With the Kiskstarter-funded reissue album, earthlings can now finally hear the extremely rare recording that NASA made in 1977 when it sent two interstellar probes, the Voyager 1 and 2.

Voyager Golden Record

It was originally intended for aliens, so just in case they come across the album, they could hear what the human noise is all about. It’s a compilation of different noises and all sorts of audio that can be heard all over the world.

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David Pescovitz, one of the key persons behind the reissue of the historic album, said the project is a good way to foster the public’s curiosity and music appreciation at the same time, the NPR reported.

The reissue project was made to commemorate the 40th anniversary of NASA’s sending of the two probes. The audio basically contains different sounds that can be heard across the world, including greetings in 50 different languages.

Voyager 1, 2 4oth Anniversary

“When you’re 7 years old and you hear a group of people were asked by NASA to create a message for extraterrestrials and they’ve launched it into space, that sparks the imagination. For me, the Voyager Golden Record lies at the intersection of science and art as a way to instill a sense of curiosity and wonder and possibility,” Pescovitz was quoted as saying by the NPR.

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As of this posting, the reissue project, as initiated by the Ozma Records, has already gathered at least $680,186, exceeding its $198,000 goal. The total backers have also reached 5,440, according to crowdfunding group Kickstarter.

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