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Volkswagen Recalls 500,000 Diesel Cars: How It Plans To Deal With Them – Report

Volkswagen Recalls 500,000 Diesel Cars: How It Plans To Deal With Them – Report
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Volkswagen Recalls 500,000 Diesel Cars: How It Plans To Deal With Them – Report

It is never too late to start atoning for one’s sins and Volkswagen has initiated a process to do just that, after scamming millions of people with its so called non-emitting diesel cars. Though Volkswagen announced on Thursday that it plans to call back all the emission-free diesel cars that it has manufactured between 2008 and 2015, it is not yet clear as to what the future holds for these recalled cars.

Volkswagen has also added a generous proposal for the people who want to keep their faulty units, claiming to repair them all completely free of charge and also offering something extra for all the trouble that it put them through according to Wired. However, it is more than clear from the public grievances against the company that most of the people will be most than glad to get rid of their units, rather than having them fixed.

This raise the crucial question as to what the company plans to do with such a bulk of used cars. Dropping them off at a junkyard could have been an option if quantity was not so enormous. So there are three basic options that the company is left with.

One of the options is of course remodeling all the units. Apart from the budget concerns, there is also the issue that fitting the units with new parts and reconditioning the software to make sure that it meets the regulations regarding emissions is only possible with its newer variations and not the old ones.

The second option is to extradite them to countries with a lax emissions policy and try selling them there at discounted prices. However, it might potentially enhance the negative publicity that Volkwagen has been facing regarding environmental concerns and Volkswagen should be wise to avoid further stains to its reputation.

This leaves it with the only option to scrap or recycle the diesel units, which is also a pretty grueling process since every local recycler seems to follow different rules of recycling in accordance to its respective state.

As to which option will the team at Volkswagen choose in the end and how it would affect Volkswagen, we’ll have to wait and see.

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