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VLC Finally Launches Android Version

VLC Finally Launches Android Version


VLC Finally Launches Android Version

VLC Finally Launches Android VersionYou may be familiar about video player VLC especially if you have been using it on your desktop for years now. It is just logical that it goes to mobile. Finally, the program now has a mobile app that was recently launched in Google’s Android.

After two years, VLC has finally been launched as an app that can be downloaded in Google Play store. It is initially available to US Android users. Observers note that the development of the app has been arduous.

Usually, beta apps are restricted geographically for testing purposes. However, a two-year geo-restricted beta is quite unusual. Moreover, the US becomes the last country where the beta can be accessed through the VideoLAN online site. But now, it is advisable to get the automatic updates of the app through Play Store.

From iOS to Android

Before the Android launch, VLC has already been on iOS. The mobile app has been available to iOS device users for years now. There was a time when it was pulled out from the Apple App Store due to some issues particularly relating to licensing requirements. But it has since returned to iOS.

Many observers think that VLC is more helpful to iOS users. As they point out, Android devices usually come with their own video players that can access the standard local storage, which can never be possible on iOS. Thus, some skeptics may question the need for VLC on Android.

However, many users point out that VLC can enable more video possibilities and features. However, there is a logical drawback and that is that some uses of VLC may require greater power consumption.

VLC as an app

VLC app may not be the most gorgeous and interesting app ever designed. However, most analysts think that is functional and is offering different sorting options for one’s content.

Its network stream feature on the desktop app will be present in the Android version, too. To use that, simply enter an address. VLC is expected to catch up and compete head on with other video apps that have become popular among Android users. Among those are MXPlayer. 

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