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Vladimir Putin Well Loved In Russia Still

Vladimir Putin Well Loved In Russia Still
Vladimir Putin President of Russia/Website CC by 4.0


Vladimir Putin Well Loved In Russia Still

He may be the most misunderstood man in the world, but it seems there is more than enough love for Russian President Vladimir Putin, especially in his very own country. In fact, so much so that they want him to remain president for several more years to come.

The truth is, Putin is very popular in his motherland and Russian people are more than happy with how he is running the country. In fact, a recent poll reveals that as much as 82 percent of Russians are happy with Putin’s presidency. More importantly, as much as 84 percent have said they would readily vote for Putin again at the presidential elections.

According to a report from RT, the research was conducted by the Russian Public Opinion Research Center (VTsIOM) who also conducted the survey among Russian citizens as well as members of the Russia’s Communist Party. Here, 76 percent of the Communist Party members have also expressed satisfaction for Putin.

Moreover, 79 percent have said they would readily support Putin during the presidential election. Meanwhile, 69 percent in Russia’s Liberal Democratic party said they also approve of Putin while 76 percent have said they would vote for the incumbent in the next presidential election.

Last year, VTsIOM had also sat down with Director of the Russian Public Opinion Center Valery Fedorov to talk about Putin who had reached an approval rating of almost 90 percent at that time.

Asked what that may mean, Fedorov said that Putin had already ” transitioned from the category of a politician that might be compared to other public figures to the category of a historical figure.”

Moreover, Russians approve of his actions regarding Ukraine and Crimea by” showing the world what Russia is about and did not bend to the pressure.”

Fedorov believes Putin will continue to remain in power “unless he decides to leave his position.”

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