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Vladimir Putin Topples Brad Pitt, David Beckham In World’s Most Admired Men 2016

Vladimir Putin Topples Brad Pitt, David Beckham In World’s Most Admired Men 2016
Vladimir Putin President of Russia / Website cc by 4.0


Vladimir Putin Topples Brad Pitt, David Beckham In World’s Most Admired Men 2016

Move aside, Brad Pitt and David Beckham. Vladimir Putin has shooed away the two celebrities from the list of the top 10 most admired men in the world this year.

The World’s Most Admired Men 2016, annually released by the global survey consultancy firm YouGov UK, has listed the Russian president as the year’s sixth most admired man. Putin’s 4.4 points made his ranking improve by five notches from 11th place last year.

Interestingly, apart from Russia, which is quite obvious, Putin is the third most admired man of the Egyptians, and the fourth most admired by the Chinese. On the other hand, the Singaporeans rated Putin as the 15th most admired man.

The multi-awarded Hollywood actor Pitt, who got a 2.8 index, suffered lower rankings, landing on the 14th spot. British football icon Beckham also suffered a one-notch drop from his 10th spot rank last year down to 11th spot this year.

The multi-billionaire and co-founder of Microsoft Corporation Bill Gates remained on the number one spot with 11 points. U.S. President Obama on the second spot earned 7.1 points. Likewise, Chinese President Xi Jinping remained on the third spot, while international movie star Jackie Chan trailed behind on the fourth spot with 5.3 points.

The report noted that Jinping’s ranking was greatly boosted by the massive votes from the Chinese. Ironically, Obama, who also emerged in the top five list, received mixed support across respondents in the world.

“Xi Jingping ranks highly because of huge support in populous China, however Barack Obama has the most widespread admiration. In the list of global-only figures the US President ranks first in six countries and second in eight (Jinping is in the top ten in only two of 30 countries). Only in one country, Russia, is Obama not in the top ten,” the report reads.

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