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Vladimir Putin Plots Invasion: From Syria, To The Arctic, To The Rest Of Europe

Vladimir Putin Plots Invasion: From Syria, To The Arctic, To The Rest Of Europe
Presidential Address to the Federal Assembly President of Russia / Website cc by 4.0


Vladimir Putin Plots Invasion: From Syria, To The Arctic, To The Rest Of Europe

Russia is not just eyeing Syria but also possibly the Arctic and the rest of the European continent. As the threat of Russian aggression rises, the West and other concerned regions are reportedly fortifying fortresses or at least borders to prepare for what may happen. Is Russia gunning to expand its territory?

Russia has been at the center of concern following its “annexation” of Ukraine’s Crimea region. Now, there are reports that the country is realigning its priorities eyeing Europe and the Arctic in the process. According to the Wall Street Journal, tensions with Russia provide a premise for the West to address the Northwest Passage dispute with Canada. Striking a deal with Canada will help protect the U.S. Navy’s legitimate concern for freedom of the seas while also acknowledging the internal waters claim of Canada.

The United States is already recognizing Russia’s threat as 200 US Marines took part in a battle and survival training in Norway. According to BBC, the training comes at a time of concern over “Russian aggression” in the area. The training will be held ahead of NATO’s own large exercise called Cold Response. The exercise will be comprised of 14 countries and 15,000 troops. “We have to be ready to deal with that kind of aggression and make sure that Russia knows that if it crosses the line we’re ready to respond,” Newsbeat (via BBC) quoted Defense Secretary Michael Fallon.

In light of the same Russian concern, BALTIC states now have started on beefing up a fortress, a large 250-mile fence, along Europe’s eastern frontier to control the migrant influx. EU leaders will also be meeting to address and change the region’s asylum system. According to Express, the changes will involve deporting illegal migrants in Greece automatically. Previously, there have been reports saying that Russia is using the refugee crisis to destabilize the European region to which the nation denied.

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