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Vladimir Putin News: Tides Are Changing In Favor Of Russia

Vladimir Putin News: Tides Are Changing In Favor Of Russia
Direct Line With Vladimir Putin President of Russia/Flickr CC by 4.0


Vladimir Putin News: Tides Are Changing In Favor Of Russia

Russian President Vladimir Putin finds NATO’s agenda in the European region as nothing but insecure. Furthermore, things are possibly turning in favor of Russia especially following the Brexit as many believe that the last thing Europe needs is a conflict on their eastern flank. 

Russia Will Always Be at War With Europe

Tides are changing and they may be in favor of Russia. In fact a recent poll by the Pew Research Center revealed that around 48 percent of Europeans think that it is better to have a “strong economic relationship with Russia” than being tough on it in foreign-policy disputes. Furthermore, European politicians are realizing that they do not need conflict in their Eastern flank. However, the Kremlin will always be interested and involved when it comes to undermining European unity.

“The struggle against the European Union cannot end,” Radio Free Europe Radio Liberty quoted Yale University historian Timothy Snyder, author of the books Bloodlands: Europe Between Hitler And Stalin and Black Earth: The Holocaust As History And Warning.

“If sanctions are ended tomorrow,” said Synder, Russia will still continue supporting and convincing

far-right leaders like France’s Marine Le Pen and Britain’s Nigel Farage.

“They won’t stop inviting the Nazis of Europe to St. Petersburg for annual conferences. If sanctions stop tomorrow, all that stuff continues because the problem with Europe is fundamentally a domestic problem for Russia. The existence of Europe is a domestic problem for Russia.”

Putin vs NATO

Furthermore, President Putin thinks that NATO is the source of Europe’s instability and geopolitical tension. The official said that US and NATO are trying to ignited hostility against Russia that existed decades ago. He emphasized that there are more serious threats in the world like terrorism and extremism that should be dealt with instead of instigating things between Russia, US and NATO.

“NATO is stepping up its aggressive rhetoric and its aggressive actions close to our borders… In these conditions we are obliged to dedicate special attention to resolving tasks connected with heightening the defense capabilities of our country.” RT quoted the Russian leader.

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