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Vladimir Putin News: Russia Is True Victor After Brexit

Vladimir Putin News: Russia Is True Victor After Brexit
Speech at the opening of Moscow’s Cathedral Mosque after reconstruction President of Russia / Website cc by 4.0


Vladimir Putin News: Russia Is True Victor After Brexit

The Brexit couldn’t have come a timelier manner when Russia and China are getting cozy with each other. According to analysts, the continued tensions in the European region coupled with the West’s tactics are pushing two world powers together. Will Russia and China take over the world?

Brexit in Favor of Russia

Tensions have risen along Russia’s borders as NATO inches closer to the country. However, what happened in the previous week could have considerable impact on how NATO and Russia will play against each other.

According to Asia Times, while it may be too early to say what are really the pros and cons of the Brexit, the situation puts Russia at ease to some extent because this emphasizes there is  “deep political crisis, an identity crisis and a crisis in the European strategy” – as noted by Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras. The Brexit vote may also affect the strength of EU sanctions and rattle Russia’s supposed enemies into fixing their political crisis first.

Russia and China’s Friendship

As if the tides continue to change for Russia its recent visit to China seemed promising. According to Russia Beyond the Headlines, the two countries just signed 30 cooperation agreements. Among those agreements signed include Gazprom, Rosneft and Sinopect as well as Rosseti and the State Grid Corporation of China. Russian Vladimir Putin was also quoted saying that China and Russia were “friends forever.” Russia also sided with China in when it comes to upholding international law and working with dispute settlement mechanisms.

“It is crucial for the maintenance of international legal order that all dispute settlement means and mechanisms are based on consent and used in good faith and in the spirit of cooperation, and their purposes shall not be undermined by abusive practices,” emphasized spokesperson Hong Lei, via Xinhua.

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