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Vladimir Putin News: Russia Developing Teleportation By 2035, Report

Vladimir Putin News: Russia Developing Teleportation By 2035, Report
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Vladimir Putin News: Russia Developing Teleportation By 2035, Report

A Kremlin-sponsored research program, in Russia, is trying to make the teleportation technology for real, including development of high-tech projects.

Earlier it was reported that the state initiative is seeking to develop high-tech projects. The projects included a national programming language, a safe communication system based on quantum communications infrastructure and a new type of operator for unmanned systems.

Russia is trying to achieve all of these by 2035, as reported by Telegraph.

According to sources, a strategic development program worth multi-trillion pound, has been proposed for President Vladimir Putin. This expensive project would try to develop teleportation by 2035.

“It sounds fantastical today, but there have been successful experiments at Stanford at the molecular level,” Alexander Galitsky, a well known investor in the country’s technology sector, told journalists on Wednesday.

“Much of the tech we have today was drawn from science fiction films 20 years ago.”

According to the plans of the Agency for Strategic Initiatives, the infrastructure of the mobile communications standard would be present in some regions of Russia within 2018-2025.

The Newspapers reports that urban governance will be administering 5G as its domestic intelligent system.

The key members of the program said that by 2035, implementation of the interface, quantum computing, teleport system will be established.

However, on Wednesday, Agency for Strategic Initiatives (ASI) official denied such claims.

The official said that Russia is not at all making any arrangements to develop teleporting technologies by 2035. The official also said that such a program is never a part of the National Technological Initiative project.

“There is nothing like this on the roadmap and there could never be,” head of the ASI’s Young Professionals Direction Dmitry Peskov said.

But in actuality, it doesn’t sound unreal at all. It was proved for the first time by scientists at Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands.

They showed that it was possible to teleport information when it is put into sub-atomic particles between two points, three metres apart with 100% reliability.

Captain James Kirk’s teleportation system in Star Trek might actually be in the making, currently.

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