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Vladimir Putin News: ‘NATO Is Stepping Up Aggressive Rhetoric’

Vladimir Putin News: ‘NATO Is Stepping Up Aggressive Rhetoric’
Vladimir Putin President of Russia/Website CC by 4.0


Vladimir Putin News: ‘NATO Is Stepping Up Aggressive Rhetoric’

Russia and NATO’s relations have degraded since the annexation of Crimea and it appears it will not improve soon. In fact, Russia has been busy developing new weapons to deter enemies while its president accuses NATO of having an insecure agenda.

NATO Has an Insecure Agenda

NATO has been moving closer to Russia’s borders and the latter is not taking it well. According to Russia, NATO is the actual source of instability in the European region. There have been a series of accusations noting how NATO and the United States have been painting Russia as the enemy to justify their military decisions.

According to Russian President Vladimir Putin, Russia embodies a security threat to the United States and Europe. However, such ideology can be rooted back to the cold war era. According to Putin, US-led NATO military alliance has been becoming increasingly aggressive to Moscow under the veil of “freedom and democracy promoting.”

He also said that the West has been rebuffing Russia’s calls for cooperation whilst the actual threats are terrorism and extremism. Nonetheless, Russia will not stand by idly. 

Russia Prepared to Fight

“NATO is stepping up its aggressive rhetoric and its aggressive actions close to our borders… In these conditions we are obliged to dedicate special attention to resolving tasks connected with heightening the defense capabilities of our country,” RT quoted the Russian president.

Likewise, the Russian Aerospace Forces has started testing an antimissile system. The system will be capable of repelling current and advanced missile threats from the West. The decision to develop such systems came to light following plans of the United States to deploy air defenses across Eastern Europe.

“Unites States’ military and technical conceptions pose an increasing threat for Russia. They presume a first-strike disarming attack against a potential enemy. In this situation, the increased capabilities of Russian antimissiles would improve the air defense of Moscow and the central part of the country. Russia’s air defenses are capable of repelling existing and future missile threats,” Sputnik quoted military expert Igor Korotchenko.

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