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Vladimir Putin Grand Scheme In Syria: To Rise As ‘Victor’

Vladimir Putin Grand Scheme In Syria: To Rise As ‘Victor’
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Vladimir Putin Grand Scheme In Syria: To Rise As ‘Victor’

Syria has been a battleground for many countries especially Russia. Now that the situation has escalated into what can be viewed as proxy World War 3, there are parties saying that Russia could emerge as the victor. The more pressing concern however  should be reaching cooperation with countries such as the West to address the conflict once and for all.

The ceasefire agreement over Syria seem to do little as the reality on the ground does not reflect what countries supposedly intended to happen. What’s more interesting is that there are concerned parties saying that the situation could escalate further instead of appeasing. Back in Munich, European countries, Russia and the United States agreed to stop hostilities to allow humanitarian aid. However, Russia reportedly continued bombing regions.

“The Russians will not stop their air raids and, with the ground support of Hezbollah, Iranian and other Shiite militias worldwide, coming from Afghanistan, from Tajikistan, from other places, I think the Russians and the Iranians want to make the Assad regime survive and they will do everything now. They are on the offense,” CBN News quoted Micky Segall with the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs. “I think they will not stop at nothing,” he added.

Furthermore, experts think that Russia is gunning for a battlefield solution. “If they succeed in that, it would mean that the Syrian map of protagonists so to speak would leave only the regime itself with the Russians, Iranians and Iranian backers, the Kurds and Islamic State,” said Middle East analyst Jonathan Spyers. “It will be a very major change. That is [and] was, I think, [what] Putin and his allies are going for. If they achieve this goal, [they] would achieve strategic victory in a vital conflict zone in the Middle East. There’s no such thing as a vacuum or zero sum game,” added the analyst.

In another report from the Washington Post, the publication says that there are factors suggesting that the United and Russia may be best fitted to achieve peace goals in Syria. The two countries already agreed to stopping hostilities in the name of helping the country. The report added: “Given this, we argue that the United States and Russia can work side by side, if not together, to defeat the Islamic State in Syria. If successful, they could push their respective Syrian allies into negotiations toward a multi-ethnic, multi-sectarian, unified Syria.”

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