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Vladimir Putin Is Ending America’s Superpower Status

Vladimir Putin Is Ending America’s Superpower Status
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Vladimir Putin Is Ending America’s Superpower Status

Russia is a huge hurdle to the global domination plans of the United States according to Gerry Sussman, Professor of Urban Studies and Planning at Portland University. Russia’s involvement in the international political arena are affecting the global stage and challenging the status of America as the superpower across the globe. Is it the end of American domination?

President Barack Obama, along with several officials, has always perceived Russia as greatest threat. Several reports have highlighted the stance of several US officials against the former Soviet Union leader. Recently, Defense Secretary Ash Carter called for reforms to build US military and make it more agile against challenges like ‘Russia, China, North Korea, Iran and terrorism.’

Sussman noted that America always has its eyes focus on Russia as its strongest enemy. One manifestation of such is how the American media is maliciously associating Russian president Vladimir Putin with the Panama Papers. “I was looking at the ‘Panama Papers’ reporting on CNN and the main focus was on President Putin rather than some of the American allies; Mr. Poroshenko in Ukraine, who has been actually listed where as you know Putin is not even listed, but there is an inference made about his associates, is the word they use,” RT quoted Sussman.

Sussman went on saying that the US has lost its superpower status over the years in the Middle East and Eastern Europe and Putin is emerging as the new holder of power. Hence, America has turned its eye against the Russian president and the country he is leading.

“I think it’s just a way of creating an old bogeyman in the person of President [Vladimir] Putin and in Russia itself. And I think it is also because various US agencies involved in foreign policymaking – the State Department, the CIA, the military – are all in disarray with regard to working closely together and having one voice,” he said. Overall, Russia is viewed as the greatest threat to America’s global interest, “to its hegemony around the world.”

Meanwhile, US Congressman Dana Rohrabacher expressed opinions seemingly in tuned with what Sussman said about Russia.

“The relations between our countries in the last 3 years have gone from dismal to worse. It’s become hurtful for both our nations,” said Rohrabacher. “Instead of an understanding that Russia is no longer the Cold War threat and thus they should be our friends, our government has only become closer because they feel they have to. Unfortunately, [it’s] not going further,” he told RT in another interview.

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