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Vladimir Putin Is More Dangerous Than ISIS

Vladimir Putin Is More Dangerous Than ISIS
Vladimir Putin’s annual news conference President of Russia/website CC by 4.0


Vladimir Putin Is More Dangerous Than ISIS

Russia is posing a grave threat to Europe as noted by officials. NATO has called out the country once before but now Poland’s Foreign Ministers, Witold Waszczykowski, sees Moscow as a ‘existential threat to Europe’ more than the ISIS. Is Russia really more dangerous?

Poland’s foreign minister Witold Waszczykowski told the press that Russia could be considered more dangerous than the ISIS.

“By all evidence, Russia’s activity is a sort of existential threat because this activity can destroy countries,” The Guardian quoted Waszczykowski who was in Slovakia for a visit to discuss about NATO’s future during the annual Globsec security forum in Bratislava.

“We also have non-existential threats like terrorism, like the great waves of migrants,” he added via Poland’s PAP news agency. While ISIS still poses threat to the region and the world over, the official argued that the group is “not an existential threat for Europe.” He urged NATO to deploy troops to the eastern border of the alliance.

“This will be a symbol of the determination to defend the eastern flank,” he said. “We can discuss the scale of this deployment.”

Russia has been in the hot seat not only because some politicians see it as a threat but because of its recent actions, especially, in the Baltic Sea. According to Wall Street Journal, a Russian fighter plane intercepted a U.S. Air Force reconnaissance plane to which Western officials condemned as unsafe and unprofessional. However, Russia officials claimed that they were addressing high speed unidentified target by the border.

“They don’t want to take on the U.S. in an outright military confrontation, but the way I read this body language of theirs, they are not just going to stand by and watch it, they are going to make it difficult,” said Eugene Rumer, an official of the Russia and Eurasia Program at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace – a think tank in Washington.

“They will use the entire toolkit they have, and harassment is part of the arsenal.”

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