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Vladimir Putin To Conquer Europe Soon

Vladimir Putin To Conquer Europe Soon
Meeting on Russia’s Armed Forces actions in Syria President of Russia / Website cc


Vladimir Putin To Conquer Europe Soon

Russia has been linked to a series of political tensions across the globe and now more heavily in Europe. According to officials, Russia presents a threat to Europe as it not only beefs up military capabilities but also shakes up refugee crisis thereby straining political stability in the European region. Is Russia gunning for the continent?

Russian resurgence could be felt across the globe. This was even more emphasized when US officials named the country as one of the top security threats along with North Korea and China. With the weakening European Union, some officials expressed concern over what Moscow could do and would do if it has the opportunity to achieve more power in the continent.

According to Estonian Internal Security Service, Russian resurgence and the waning European union could threaten democracy and stability in the region. Russia has been linked to a number of propaganda moves in recent years in a supposed attempt to destabilize things in the area.

“In the context of Russian aggression, the security threat arising from a weakening of the European Union is many times greater than that arising from the refugees settling in Estonia,” claimed a service, known in Estonia as Kaitsepolitseiamet or “Kapo,” that releases Annual Review about the trends and internal threats affecting Estonia.

“This is the most important point,” Washington Free Beacon quoted Martin Arpo, Kapo’s deputy director general.

“For Estonia, the report is a reminder: let’s think about real security threats, and not imaginary ones. The migration crisis is bringing focus away from real threats not only in Estonia but in Europe, as well. The only hope for Putin to fulfill his ambitions is that Europe and NATO are split or have controversies inside. The refugee crisis is really the only serious topic that can bring these controversies,” added the official.

Russia has also been in hot water after is supposedly intercepted a US plane over the Baltic Sea. According to the Wall Street Journal, NATO is already on its way to discuss Russia’s “risky manuevers.”

“The incidents we have seen in the Baltic Sea over the last week with the unprofessional and unsafe behavior of Russian planes close to an American ship and an American plane underline the importance of open military lines of communication, predictability and risk reduction,” explained Jens Stoltenberg, the NATO secretary-general. Russia refuted claims that it intended to intercept the US plane and claimed that its aircraft was supposedly addressing an unidentified target.

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