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Viz Magazine Page Gets Suspended By Facebook

Viz Magazine Page Gets Suspended By Facebook
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Viz Magazine Page Gets Suspended By Facebook

Facebook has gained another enemy in the almost 40 year old Viz magazine. Today, the frequently foul-mouthed comic owned by Dennis Publishing said that the social media has blocked its official page in the said platform, reports Huffington Post.

The satirical comic has tweeted an image of its official page along with the message that Facebook sent. The message is about the social network’s explanation as to why it had been “unpublished” which is because the magazine failed to follow the site’s terms and community standards, as reported by the Press Association.

The message from the tech firm has warned that if the publisher makes an unsuccessful appeal to have the page reinstated, it could face being permanently deleted, reports The Guardian. According to the group managing director of Viz magazine’s parent Dennis Publishing, Ian Westwood, the American tech company has not said or explained what content of their page has violated its rules.

Westwood was quoted saying that “The question is what is and isn’t acceptable to Facebook. We have had that Facebook page for five years.” He adds that they even had correspondence with the social media before regarding content that Viz magazine has that the tech firm didn’t like and Viz has taken it down.

This time though is different, as they just blocked the page and won’t tell us what we have violated continues Westwood. He says they can appeal, but they don’t know what they would be appealing about as they put up a significant number of posts from the print brand to social media daily.

After its first tweet regarding the incident, Viz tweeted another image with a message to the social media giant asking “Still offensive?” For now, Westwood said that the Viz Magazine team has thought that the best response to what happened is to alert its 146,000 followers on Twitter and explain the situation as to why the magazine’s page was down. Meanwhile, Facebook has not given any statement regarding the issue.

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