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Virtual Reality Games Live Streaming Platform – Coming Soon!

Virtual Reality Games Live Streaming Platform – Coming Soon!
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Virtual Reality Games Live Streaming Platform – Coming Soon!

Virtual reality games is a booming industry. Every well-known and established brand’s eyeing the industry and trying its best to contribute to it. As VR’s future looks bright, start-ups are also stepping into virtual reality. One of such newcomers is VREAL who will soon be launching virtual reality games live streaming platform.

It’s been a year that VREAL is working on bringing virtual reality games live streaming platform to VR headsets. The company will develop content exclusively for Google Cardboard, Oculus Rift, and the HTC Vive. Once launched, the service will allow players to socially connect with friends, create avatars and of course, live stream video games.

Why virtual reality games live streaming platform, why not a gaming platform from where games can be downloaded and played whenever the headset owner wants to? Explaining the same, Todd Hooper, Founder and CEO, VREAL says, “There are more people watching games on Twitch and YouTube than playing games today. That same trend will apply to VR in the future.”

Shedding some more light on the platform, he said, “We’ve built a way for us to re-render every game in real time so when you put on a VR headset I appear in the game next to you and we can have a social experience inside the game— just like a 2D web page and chat window on Twitch or YouTube.”

In short, VREAL is aiming to launch a Twitch and YouTube’s competitor by launching  virtual reality games live streaming platform. The USP of VREAL’s platform would be social interaction. As Hooper says, “Virtual reality can be a new kind of interaction where you actually feel like you are really in a room with people.” That means you will soon be having a platform that is a mixture of twitch, YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter? Let’s wait for the launch to understand it better.

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