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Virgin Mary’s Lips MOVING in Sydney Painting! (Video)

Virgin Mary’s Lips MOVING in Sydney Painting! (Video)
Candles Luigi Mengato / Flickr CC BY 2.0

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Virgin Mary’s Lips MOVING in Sydney Painting! (Video)

Catholics at a Sydney church believe that a painting of Virgin Mary posted on the wall is performing a miracle. Two of its parishioners were able to film its lips moving in unison to how parishioners were praying the rosary. A video of the said miracle has since gone viral and people are now debating whether it was a miracle or a hoax.

Virgin Mary’s lips moving

George Akary, a passionate church goer of Sydney’s Saint Charbel’s Church, is standing by his belief that he witnessed a miracle. Akary, who posted the video in his Facebook page, had been subjected to ridicule from non-believers. In a recent post, he tried to address those people.

“Any person who has had a deep convo with me on spirituality gets a glimpse of my passion. Am I afraid of ridicule and shame…no. I don’t preach to anyone to convert I don’t want you converted … I only want peace for any person who desires it and I may offer an option,” he wrote.

“The video is what it is it ,hate or don’t care about it it is your choice. I don’t care as there are millions if not billions who do.. Christ came and did insane miracles in his time and not everyone believed,” he went on.

“God bless those who bless and bless those who ridicule,” he said in conclusion.

Virgin Mary’s lips in sync with people praying the rosary

In the video posted by Akary on July 19, he noticed that while the people were praying the lips sped up or slowed down according to how the people say the rosary. He noted that the same occurrence was observed to the image of St Charbel and St Rita, as well as St Joseph in croyden.

Something I have seen a few times, this time I recorded it.. see the mouths on them. At st charbels church in punchbowl…

Posted by George Akary on Sunday, July 19, 2015

“If you don’t believe, I usually go on 7pm mass sundays and will help you see it for yourself.. key word is help you I cannot guarantee any person this vision but am confident that many will,” Arkary’s caption of the video reads.


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