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Virgin Galactic’s VSS Unity Makes Successful First Solo Glide

Virgin Atlantic Mark Harkin / Flickr CC BY 2.0


Virgin Galactic’s VSS Unity Makes Successful First Solo Glide

Get ready to board Virgin’s space flight!

Virgin’s new VSS Unity, also called SpaceShip Two, completed its first glide in the Mojave Desert. The aircraft was created in a bid to expand the growing industry of space tourism. The vessel will be carried in a mothership and, once detached, will travel into space.

Recent Flight Virgin Galactic VSS Unity’s First Attempt at Flying Unattached from Mother Ship

The company suffered a significant blow two years ago when VSS Enterprise crashed during a test flight. The aircraft was on its fourth powered test flight. The co-pilot was killed in the horrific incident.

The most recent test flight was Virgin’s fifth attempt at flying the aircraft. However, it was the first time the aircraft took off unattached from the mother ship. It was dropped from an altitude of 50,000 feet and was able to attain a speed of 400 miles per hour.

Virgin Galactic: Engineers evaluating aircraft’s performance

As reported by Space News, Virgin Galactic President Mike Moses spoke about the flight at the International Symposium for Personal and Commercial Spaceflight in Las Cruces, New Mexico, on October 13.

“There’s 10 glide flights’ worth of targets,” he said. “We could do those in 8 flights, or might take 15, but we’re not going into the next phase before we clear those.”

The engineers are currently evaluating the aircraft’s performance.

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