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Viral Today: Kenneth Bone Behind-The-Scene During 2nd Presidential Debate

Viral Today: Kenneth Bone Behind-The-Scene During 2nd Presidential Debate
Ken Bone Public Page/Facebook


Viral Today: Kenneth Bone Behind-The-Scene During 2nd Presidential Debate

The presidential debate on Sunday night took a new turn as a ‘hero’ cannily took over the broadcast with question about energy needs and environment. They call him Kenneth Bone!

Presidential debate is a humdrum progression but Kenneth proved otherwise this Sunday night.

It was during the second presidential debate when an “uncommitted voter” rose to great fame simply because he asked a question about energy policy upheld by the presidential candidates.

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“What steps will your energy policy take to meet our energy needs while at the same time remaining environmentally friendly and minimizing job layoffs?”

What further prepped the charm of his presence was his uncanny resemblance to the toy collector from Toy Story 2. Ken Bone was dressed in a blazing red cardigan, over a neatly tucked shirt and tie, his black-rimmed glasses complimenting the look further more. It didn’t take time for the internet to fall in love with this guy, claims E News.

“Ken Bone. Power name. Power outfit,” read a tweet posted by one of his new fans.

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Shortly after the debate was over, people could spot the cutesicle taking pictures of the stage with an old model disposable camera, reports E News. This further fueled up his popularity and one woman even wanted to know if he was single.

“Ken Bone is my new hero. Forget oil. Forget steel. Forget energy. I vote for Ken Bone’s mustache,” wrote another tweeter user.

As per Romper, the new internet sensation Kenneth soon received a Twitter and Facebook fan-page. People’s obsession grew to a clamor and there were even T-shirts being sold with texts like “Welcome to the Bone Zone.

“Ken Bone IMMEDIATELY contacted after #debate to star in a live-action remake of Toy Story 2,” wrote another twitter user.

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