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(Viral) Father Drags Girl By The Hair At Walmart, Police Says He Has Right To Do That

(Viral) Father Drags Girl By The Hair At Walmart, Police Says He Has Right To Do That
Erika Burch Facebook


(Viral) Father Drags Girl By The Hair At Walmart, Police Says He Has Right To Do That

A social media post has gone viral, showing photos of a man dragging a girl by the hair at a Houston-area Walmart.

The post electrified social media users. A woman named Erika Burch took pictures when she encountered the incident.

Burch was shopping at Walmart when she came across the girl with her hair wrapped around the shopping cart handle. The man was pushing it. According to Burch, the girl was pleading the man to stop as she promised she would refrain from doing “it” again.

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According to Burch’s Facebook post, she wrote, “I turned around to this POS dragging this little girl by the hair of her head!!”

“He had her hair wrapped around the buggy dragging her!”

Burch told the man to let the girl go, but the man asked Burch to mind her own business. She said she would not, then demanded the man to let her hair go.

“I grew up just fine,” the man said to Burch.

A terrible exchange of words went on between them. Burch said she called the cops. The officer then called his sergeant with the Cleveland Police Department.

Burch showed the sergeant the photos she took, but the sergeant said it was not enough.

According to WFAA, the sergeant said the man had the right to discipline his children. However, child abuse cannot be proven unless there are bodily injuries on the child’s body, according to the sergeant.

“Now this baby had to go home with this monster thinking that nobody cared about her and it’s okay for this animal to pull her by the hair of her head,” Burch wrote on Facebook.

Texas law states that an act could be considered child abuse when there’s a mental or emotional injury made to a child that resulted to a problem in his or her growth, development, or psychological functioning.


Erika Burch Facebook

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