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Vine Launches On Apple Watch, Updates iOS App

Vine Launches On Apple Watch, Updates iOS App


Vine Launches On Apple Watch, Updates iOS App

Apple has brought Vine on Apple Watch. The app for iOS has also been updated. Read the story for details.

Apple has been working towards making the Apple Watch better by making frequent changes to it. As smartwatches are most of the time used as fitness trackers due to the apps they run, Apple is trying to focus on making the Watch a fitness band. But now, it is bringing an entertainment app to the smartwatch. Yes, Vine has come to Apple Watch.

Reports suggest that Vine was working on the WatchOS app since June. On the Watch, you will see that Vine has brought two feeds: one is Featured Vines, another is Favorites. How does this work? While Featured Vines bring you a collection of featured videos, the favorites feed allows you to favorite as well as re-vine videos. To keep your featured feed updated, you need to refresh it.

Vine has brought a custom complication feature for Watch faces. The feature will display account loops and work as a quick link to the app on WatchOS. Vine for iOS has also been updated. The update will allow you to swipe left and retrieve related content on Vine. This is just like Story Explorer, a feature that Vine’s competitor, Snapchat, has recently introduced.

Earlier, whatever apps Apple brought to the Apple Watch looked like iPhone apps crammed onto a smaller screen. But Vine has done a good job when it comes to compressing videos and making them look good on a small screen. Now the question is: do people really want to watch videos on their watches while roaming around despite the presence of smartphones and tablets with monster screens?

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