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Vine Finally Brings Its Profiles and Videos to the Web

Vine Finally Brings Its Profiles and Videos to the Web


Vine Finally Brings Its Profiles and Videos to the Web

Vine Finally Brings Its Profiles and Videos to the WebVine seems determined to make itself available to more users. Since it was launched, users have only been able to use the service as a mobile app. Now, the Twitter-owned app is finally available on the Web. This means that its users could now enjoy viewing six-second videos on their desktops and laptops.

To enjoy this new Vine service, users should log in at the Website By getting to the online site, any user could now watch his and his friends’ videos in the service’s home feed. Users could also use the new Vine Web service just like most other social networks. That means they could like, post comments, and share content the way they could usually do on the mobile app version.

In a statement, Vine said this new service is just an initial step to bring richer and more enjoyable Web viewing experience. It promised to introduce and roll out more interesting improvements this year. It is expected that through bringing the service to the Web, more users could be enticed to use Vine.

Interesting features

Vine for Web logically comes with a number of interesting features. For one, there is a person icon located at the top right portion of the screen. By clicking on it, any user could watch his own videos online.

Beside it is the TV icon. Clicking on it would bring the Web page to a TV mode. That means there would be a larger view of Vine videos for better viewing experience with a bigger screen. The videos posted would play in sequence. However, users have to click on each just to hear the sound. By selecting the arrows provided, one could easily scroll through available videos.

After vanity URLs

Vine on Web comes just several days after the mobile app released the new vanity URLs. However, this earlier service is not for every Vine user. Vanity URLs for Vine is just for eligible account owners. A user has to be an active user for at least the last 30 days and must have posted at least two videos on the app to be qualified for the service.

Twitter also agreed to automatically reserve its users’ handle in the micro blogging site if they prefer to use the same profile name on Vine. All they have to do is to register the Twitter account on Vine for confirmation.

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