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‘Vikings’ Season 5 Happening: ‘Tudors’ Writer, Jonathan Rhys Meyers Reunite

‘Vikings’ Season 5 Happening: ‘Tudors’ Writer, Jonathan Rhys Meyers Reunite
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‘Vikings’ Season 5 Happening: ‘Tudors’ Writer, Jonathan Rhys Meyers Reunite

Writer Michael Hirst and “The Tudors” star Jonathan Rhys Meyers are reuniting for the fifth season of “Vikings.” Season 5 starts production in the summer for a premiere in 2017.

At present, MGM Television’s “Vikings” season four has more episodes to show before reaching its end. However, History is already up and ready to start an “Vikings” season 5. The network even added a newcomer into the cast. As reported by Variety, Meyers will be joining the show in the upcoming season.

Jana Bennett, one of the production executives for History, said the addition of Meyers is thrilling on their part. “The brilliant writing and depth of historical research and authenticity brought into the screen by Michael HIrst paired with out talented cast and crew, has made this series one of the most compelling, visually stunning historical dramas on television.” She added, “’Vikings’ has raided the hearts of audiences and we are thrilled that Jonathan Rhys Meyers will become a bigger part of the History family after his incredible performance in our upcoming production of ‘Roots’.”

Season 4 is already on its Episode 5. According to Forbes, the latest episode did not feature a ton of action like what one can expect from the series. “Recall how the first season of Vikings played out. There were trials. There was a sense of some rule of law that everyone was at least somewhat beholden to. Now…not so much,” Forbes reported.

However, this slowness is unlikely to derail fans from continuously supporting the show. The network’s decision to get Season 5 shows how confident it is that “Vikings” following will be there for some time more.

Hirst and Meyers showed their partnership when they collaborated well in the successful HBO television series, “The Tudors.” This television drama series centered on the renaissance period.

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