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‘Vikings’ Season 4 Spoilers: Lagertha Returns, Ragnar’s Sons Take The Spotlight

‘Vikings’ Season 4 Spoilers: Lagertha Returns, Ragnar’s Sons Take The Spotlight
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‘Vikings’ Season 4 Spoilers: Lagertha Returns, Ragnar’s Sons Take The Spotlight

“Vikings” Season 4 entered its mid-season break with a cliffhanger episode 10 with him returning from his defeat in Paris and Bjorn and Aslaug finding out that he has a son left in Wessex. Will these revelations cause his downfall when season 4 resumes?

That is just the case as the revelation that he has another unknown son will wreak havoc in his household. His oldest Bjorn Ironsides seems to have already rebelled and was seen in the trailer fighting alongside Rollo.

His queen, Aslaug, was also surprised by the news but there are bigger surprises in store for her as Lagertha, Ragnar’s first wife she allegedly “killed” is set to come back when the series resumes, as reported by TVGuide. They will likely have a showdown to see who is fit to be the queen of Kattegat.

After creator Michael Hirst hinted that Lagertha is not yet going to Valhalla the famed shieldmaiden might give Aslaug a run for her money. According to Hirst, Lagertha is the soul of the show and she needs her. Also, a feminist group sent him a message warning him to watch himself should anything happen to Lagertha in ‘Vikings 4‘.

With Ragnar’s grip on power waning, the series will likely focus more on his sons particularly Bjorn Ironsides and Ivar the Boneless. The Boston Herald revealed that actor Travis Fimmel himself admits that his character has changed with age and is not the man he used to be.

This should be no surprise that historically, his sons were great men in their own right. As seen from the trailer, Ragnar was executed by King Aella by throwing him into a pit of snakes; his sons avenged their father by executing Aella by blood eagle.

Will we actually see the great Ragnar Lothbrok die in ‘Vikings 4’? Probably, but don’t get your hopes like many did in season 3 as he can even fake his death to conquer a city.

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