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Vijayarengan Srinivasan Drowned: Wild Waves Lifeguard Finds Dead Body In Pool

Vijayarengan Srinivasan Drowned: Wild Waves Lifeguard Finds Dead Body In Pool
Wild Waves Theme Park Martin Lewison / Flickr CC


Vijayarengan Srinivasan Drowned: Wild Waves Lifeguard Finds Dead Body In Pool

A man drowned in the activity pool at Wild Waves Theme Park on Saturday.

The deceased, identified as Vijayarengan Srinivasan, was pulled out of the water by lifeguards around 5:30 p.m. Though South King Fire and Rescue arrived at the scene, they were not able to revive the man.

Vijayarengan Srinivasan Drowned: Wild Waves guards performed CPR, called 911

Lifeguards at the theme park had been informed about the possibility of a body in the 12-foot-deep pool. One of these guards was looking for someone’s dropped glasses and discovered the unresponsive Srinivasan lying at the bottom of the pool. While Srinivasan had no pulse and was not breathing, lifeguards gave him CPR and called 911.

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Ryan Silvera was at the park at the time. “I think they had so many people around, the lifeguards were overwhelmed and they weren’t paying attention like they should be and then all of a sudden this happens,” Silvera said, as reported by KOMO News.

Another person at the park said Srinivasan was “like 10 to 12 feet in front of us, just down there by the water.”

“It looked like he came out of where the cannonball is, it’s called, where you shoot out of that, it’s like a slide,” Jonathan Herkovitz said.

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Vijayarengan Srinivasan Drowned: Wild Waves officials, authorities investigating incident

As reported by the The Olympian, Federal Way police spokeswoman said Srinivasan was staying with a friend. Srinivasan had been in Washington for only a few weeks. The friend said Srinivasan had immigrated to the U.S. to work as a computer programmer. He had left his wife and a kid back home.

Wild Waves offered a statement, saying, “Our thoughts are with the family in this difficult time.”

Whether the guards at the theme park were equipped to handle a situation such as this, or had responded properly to the incident, is being questioned. The incident is being investigated by park officials who are working with the authorities.

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