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Drake’s ‘Views From The 6’ Spotify: Don’t Bother Streaming

Drake’s ‘Views From The 6’ Spotify: Don’t Bother Streaming
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Drake’s ‘Views From The 6’ Spotify: Don’t Bother Streaming

Drake’s “Views From The 6” did not please everyone as expected. Those who were able to stream it said it felt quite depressing to listen to!

According to Nate Scott of USA Today, listening to Drake’s album felt like a “total bummer,” even though it was nicely produced and appeared “adventurous.” Not only did it feel depressing for Scott, but the whole album seemingly felt as if Drake has no new things to say anymore.

Scott said even though “Views From The 6” contained 20 tracks, Drake was just droning on. “There are absolutely zone-out moments, patches where you drift off and come to and realize it’s been two songs and you aren’t even sure what track you’re on,” Scott said.

The songs also presented nothing new. Drake is still singing about the same thing he has been singing about in his past albums — “loneliness, money,  his inability to connect with people both on a romantic and platonic level,” the critic says.

Ultimately, the critic said the songs all disappoint and cannot hold a candle to his masterpiece “Take Care.”   It is not only Scott of USA Today who noticed this.

Other critics also said the songs seem to be quite dragging. Ryan Dombal of Pitchfork described the “Views from the 6” feels quite claustrophobic. The critic said it is “too long and weirdly monotone.” Dombal however said that “the occasional tweaks in sound lead to a few great moments.”

According to Dombal, Drake on this new album tried so hard to “reach deep into his own psyche for revelations but often just falling back on a sour version of what got him this far.” Not a good comment for any artist, who often strives hard to come out with something fresh and new.

In other words, they can be said to be quite boring. The memes he created to promote the album therefore can be considered quite misleading. Looking at the memes, one would expect something exciting and new. But sadly, critics say no.

This does not mean Drake’s fans should stay away from the album though. Those who want to understand why these critics are hating should also note its Spotify, Tidal & Amazon release dates.

Buzzfeed reported that “Vews” will be on Apple Music exclusively from April 29 until May 6 only and then become more accessible afterwards. From May 6, the full album may also be available on Spotify and similar platforms. Spotify told Buzzfeed that “Drake’s View From The 6 is not yet available on Spotify, but we look forward to having it very soon.”

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