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VIDEOS: The Tianjin Explosion

VIDEOS: The Tianjin Explosion
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VIDEOS: The Tianjin Explosion

On Wednesday, the busy port of Tianjin was rocked by a massive explosion that immediately killed 50 people, 17 of which were firefighters, and injured 400 others.

Some felt the effects of the blast as far as 2 miles away, as reported by CNN. Morning News USA earlier reported that many residents who experienced the blast thought that the Tianjin explosion was a nuclear bomb attack.

Here is the translation of the communication between the two Chinese recording the video as posted by Business Insider:

Person 1: What exploded? The sky is lit up.

Person 2: Where is that?

Person 1: Don’t know. You think it’ll be on the news tomorrow?

Giant Explosion:

Person 1: Wow! Everything is shaking. Is it a nuclear bomb!? The windows on the building have shattered.

Person 1: The explosion is so violent. I hope our building doesn’t collapse.

Person 2: Put your clothes on. Let’s hope our building doesn’t collapse.

Person 1: That’s about it right? The explosions should be over with.


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