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Videos Of Apocalyptic, Real-life Jumanji, Georgia Flooding

Videos Of Apocalyptic, Real-life Jumanji, Georgia Flooding
Zoo Tiflis mibuchat / Flickr CC BY-SA 2.0


Videos Of Apocalyptic, Real-life Jumanji, Georgia Flooding

The streets of Tbilisi, Georgia, became a reflection of what an apocalyptic day would be as 20 wolves, eight lions, white tigers, hyenas, jaguars and seven bears escaped the local zoo over the weekend as an aftermath of heavy flooding. The escaped wild animals posed dangers to the residents that the local government was forced to issue a shoot-to-kill order.

Real life Jumanji

Several of the wild animals remained at large and roaming free in the streets of Tbilisi, local news website AGENDA reported. Various animal rescue teams were already deployed to capture them. However, as these animals posed great risk to residents, Georgia’s Prime Minister Irakli Garibashvili authorized for the wild animals to be euthanized instead.

The prime minister also called for residents not to roam the city as rescue teams say it is safe to do so. Zoo spokeswoman Mzia Sharashidze told The Associated Press that management could not immediately confirm the exact number of the animals that ran loose. She said they could only confirm that five lions were unaccounted for.

The ‘beasts’ are roaming hungry for food

Residents now fear for their safety as information was out that the animals were hungry.

“Tonight everyone has to be very careful because all the beasts haven’t been captured. They haven’t been fed, and in their hungry state they might attack people,” Khariton Gabashvili told AP.

“I feel frenzied. The youngsters can’t go out and walk around. I sat on the balcony with them and played games, so they could breathe some fresh air,” said Khatuna Bolkvadze, a mother of two who lives near the zoo.

Georgia flooding kills at least eight people

The flooding has taken the life of at least eight people, including three zoo workers and five residents living in a small street in the city’s capital.

“On this small street there are five dead, three houses completely washed out and everyone is affected. I don’t know where to sit, where to lie, what to do,” said resident Lamara Zumburidze.

The flood submerged key roads and many homes. Rescue is only possible through helicopter lifts, especially with some of the wild animals still roaming free.


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