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[Video] War Projection? Russia’s Deadly T-90 Tank Crashes Against America’s TOW Missile

[Video] War Projection? Russia’s Deadly T-90 Tank Crashes Against America’s TOW Missile
T-90s Dmitry Terekhov/Flickr CC by 2.0


[Video] War Projection? Russia’s Deadly T-90 Tank Crashes Against America’s TOW Missile

World powers like Russia and the United States have always been locked into a seemingly competition of military power. As both countries push their capabilities forward, new technologies like Russia’s T-90 tank is constantly pitted against America’s own such as the TOW missile. Which country has the upper hand?

Several videos about the Syrian war were released but the one with US-made TOW missile crashing into a T-90 tank received more attention than the others. According to a report from National Interest, a video uploaded back in February shows how Russia’s most advanced operational battle tank slammed into a one of United States’ main tank killers while on the battlefield. The particular video has been viewed for more than 2 million times already.

As noted by National Interest, the T-90 was from Russia but most likely under the control of Syrian troops while the missile was from the United States likely supplied through the CIA or Saudi Arabia. The clash between the two hardware units showed the world what happens when two advanced military technologies came across one another.

A photograph going around Russian military forums reveals that the T-90’s Kontakt-5 reactive armor managed to protect it. The armor can stop incoming missiles from damaging the tank but exploding outward. Nonetheless, the side of the turret was still damaged as shown in the photograph. All in all, the missile disabled the tank but was not enough to destroy it. The verdict is exclusive to the scenario specified and may still hold differently at a different time. According to the report, suffice to say, the armor did its job.

The clash between the two military hardware units is just the tip of the iceberg. A new report from Sputnik suggests that advancing Russian military capability is also posing a threat to the United States on a greater scale. US Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Joseph Dunford claimed that such progress present a threat to diverse interests of the US. “First, the Russian military presents the greatest array of threats to US interests,” said Dunford.  “I believe we should maintain military to military communication and relationships in the worst of times. We did it throughout the Cold War, we should do it now,” added the official.

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