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(Video) Tesla Model 3 Unveiled, Find Out Whether It Lives Up To The Hype

(Video) Tesla Model 3 Unveiled, Find Out Whether It Lives Up To The Hype


(Video) Tesla Model 3 Unveiled, Find Out Whether It Lives Up To The Hype

The answer may well be a resounding yes. Just hours ago, Tesla unveiled the highly anticipated Model 3 electric car at the Tesla Design Studio in Hawthorne, California. And following the event, the immediate feedback seems to be one of overwhelming approval as reservations keep on coming from all over the world.

The Model 3 is finally here and everyone seems to be very pleased. After all, what’s not to like. From the aesthetics, the car looks like a magnificent creature. It’s sleek but sporty. It’s small but it’s undoubtedly a stunner. Unlike the other Tesla cars (or other electric cars for that matter), the Model 3 sports a smooth, flowing design. It’s a smooth curve from the front all the way up to the roof. It’s so beautiful that love at first sight can be guaranteed. 

As for surprising features, the Tesla Model 3 also doesn’t fail. For starters, the front of the car houses a “frunk,” that’s a front trunk that is huge enough to accommodate a travel luggage. Moreover, the car may also seem small from the outside, but in reality, it actually accommodates five adults quite comfortably. And as for safety, the Model 3 has already been given a five star safety rating way ahead of its debut.

As far as performance goes, Tesla says the Model 3 can go from 0 to 60 mph in under 6 seconds. And with regard to range, it can reach as much as 215 miles per charge. At the same time, you also won’t really be driving on your own. After all, this car also has some autopilot features that are designed to keep you safe.

Now you wonder, what exactly is the price? As promised, Tesla has kept the starting tag price on the Model 3 to $35,000 before incentives, making it the most affordable electric car that Tesla has ever built. And perhaps because of this, more and more are making reservations for this magnificent car.

According to the Los Angeles Times, as much as 133,000 were placed with Tesla by 10 p.m. That’s just three hours since the Model 3 was uncloaked for everyone to see. Indeed, Elon Musk must be very happy.

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