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Video Reveals Refugees Throwing Water, Food From Police – Here’s The Full Story

Video Reveals Refugees Throwing Water, Food From Police – Here’s The Full Story
Welcome Asylum Seekers and refugees Takver / Flickr CC BY-SA 2.0


Video Reveals Refugees Throwing Water, Food From Police – Here’s The Full Story

A video supposedly revealed refugees throwing the donations given to them.

A YouTube video emerged showing Syrian refugees, stranded in a train station at Hungary, throwing bottled water and some food items being given by the Hungarian police. The video is particularly striking as it was the men, who appeared to be strong and healthy, who refusing the supplies. Inside the trains, women and children looked as if they want to accept the donations.

The comments of those who have seen the video were also interesting. One comment reads that the refugees appeared to be “well off” as proven by the mobile phones they were holding. The majority of the comments were saying that most of them are just economic migrants who just want a piece of the good life in Europe. Some said that there is just few of them who can be called war refugees.

Meanwhile, a separate photo thread in 9gag seemed to have the same comments to that of the YouTube video. In the photo, Austrians are shown to be waiting for the refugees with carts full of supplies. However, one comment below the photo reads “sad thing is, we (Austria) don’t have the money to care for everyone. We have 8 million people living here and over 10 percent struggle to make a living.. And yet every immigrant (NOT refugee) gets supported more than I as an Austrian would ever get by the government.”

Another comment goes “They come with iPhones, AirMaxes, and clothes I couldnt even afford. And they come from the poorest regions of the world? And the government spends billions to them while our country men live in poverty.”

A report from The Guardian, on the other hand, revealed how the Hungarian police “tricked” the refugees into taking a train to a refugee camp outside Budapest in an attempt to stop them from continuing their journey to Germany. Train departures were cancelled early in the day. A new train arrived and the refugees agreed to board it. However, the train stopped in the town of Bicske where police met the refugees in order to be taken to another crowded refugee camp.

Realizing that they are lured by the Hungarian police, the refugees then started chanting “no camp, no camp,” The Guardian reported. The day was hot and as a standoff looms, the police gave the refugees bottled water and food. Already mad for being tricked, the refugees refused to take the supply and vowed to go on hunger strike.

“We don’t need food and water. Just let us go to Germany,” one of them was quoted as saying by The Guardian. Others kept on shouting “no camp for children” and “save our souls, we are children”.

While all this was happening, people in Budapest were already at the train station waiting for the refugees. “I am just really ashamed about the government, that they don’t help these people at all,” Barbara Baranyai, a resident of Budapest, was quoted as saying. Baranyai added, “If I imagine I had to go with my child, crossing seas and walking, then staying like this, living at the station so long, the thought is unbearable.”

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