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(VIDEO) ISIS Hangs US Spies In Hooks Like Meat In The Market

(VIDEO) ISIS Hangs US Spies In Hooks Like Meat In The Market
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(VIDEO) ISIS Hangs US Spies In Hooks Like Meat In The Market

In a new video, brutal ISIS executioners are seen slitting the throats of prisoners before hanging them upside down on meat hooks inside a Syrian slaughterhouse.

The video, entitled “The Making of Illusion,” runs for twelve minutes. It is filled with gruesome graphic content, so viewers discretion is advised.

The ISIS video begins with clips from popular espionage films like “Mission: Impossible,” starring Tom Cruise and “The Recruit,” starring Al Pacino and Colin Farrell. Scenes from the films are intertwined and randomized with scenes of prisoners being beheaded.

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The clips from the movies project the operational techniques of U.S. intelligence in these movies, and the layering scenes of prisoner executions denote how “American spies” are tortured and killed by the jihadist militants.

The video then shows images of the Eiffel Tower, with clips of Islamic State attacks around the world in cities like Brussels, Orlando, Paris and more. The images shifts to more scenes of beheading the prisoners in orange jumpsuits.

The second half of the video shows interviews with Islamic State militants who talk in Arabic. A little deciphering makes one realize that the terrorists are talking about homegrown American spies or informants.

The video then shows the capture of these informants and clips of their interrogation.

The final half of the video is most gruesome. The scene takes place in a slaughterhouse, where prisoners are shoved in like animals. Then comes the part where the prisoners are taken near drains. The throat-slitting begins; the blood is washed by water sprayed all over them.

These prisoners are then hanged upside down on meat hooks. The video ends by showing almost two dozen prisoners hanging upside down, their throats cut.

Earlier, it was reported by Morning News USA that the prisoners were “US spies,” as alleged by the jihadist militants. Some reports, however, believe that the video was edited. The interrogation sessions and the beheading scenes in the video look like cinematic shots, which seem to be scripted and acted.

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