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VIDEO: Dez Bryant, Tyler Patmon Engage In Camp Fight – Got ‘Little Overheated’

VIDEO: Dez Bryant, Tyler Patmon Engage In Camp Fight – Got ‘Little Overheated’
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VIDEO: Dez Bryant, Tyler Patmon Engage In Camp Fight – Got ‘Little Overheated’

Dez Bryant and Dallas Cowboys cornerback Tyler Patmon got involved in a training camp tussle during the team’s second day of wearing full pads on Sunday, one that didn’t come to an end until quarterback Tony Romo interfered and abated the heated situation.

The scuffle started when Bryant’s helmet came off when Patmon jarred it loose during a play; which was then followed by Bryant pulling off Patmon’s.

Patmon responded with a punch, and Bryant came back at him, instigating a physical fight.

The exchange between the two players was posted by the Cowboys on their website and on their official Twitter account.

While tight end Jason Witten couldn’t get Bryant to walk away from the encounter, Romo was able to urge Bryant to move to a different part of the sideline.

Bryant Got ‘Little Overheated’

After the exchange, Bryant admitted he got a “little overheated” with Patmon.

“At the end of the day he wasn’t going to back down and I wasn’t going to back down and you seen us,” he said. “We shook hands, we hugged and we respect one another.”

As reported by the Dallas Morning News, Jerry Jones said of Bryant, “That’s good stuff. That’s training camp. Now that’s not new. That’s been happening at our training camps for years and years and years. It is a throwback to the years when you saw Michael Irvin out here, Deion [Sanders] and those guys.”

While the encounter was already pretty heated with the helmets being pulled and yanked off and punches being delivered, it got more heated on the sideline with words being exchanged.

After the practice, though, the two could be seen hugging.

“It’s two great competitors. I was giving him a little bit of mouth. Talking a whole bunch of stuff to him,” Bryant said. “He was talking back to me and it just escalated to the next play. We shook hands, we hugged and we respect one another.”

‘It’s Competition’

Witten said that it will certainly not be the last fight of camp.

“It’s going on with 31 other teams, too,” he said. “It’s competition. You go through it and you get it worked out in the locker room and it’s all fine. You guys are acting like a bunch of kids at the circus trying to get it. I mean, it’s training camp. We all got a shirt that says ‘Fight.’

“Competition, that’s what it’s all about,” Witten added. “Nobody competes more the Dez Bryant.”

As reported by New York Daily News, Jones said that it was the second padded practice in front of what was the second consecutive large weekend crowd. While 3,727 fans were in the audience on Sunday, the first padded practice on Saturday had attracted 5,802 people.

“The kind of atmosphere that we’ve worked to put together, and that atmosphere breeds that kind passion, it breeds that kind of excitement,” Jones said. “Sure enough, here comes some after-the-whistle action.


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